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Mike Allbright IRS Negotiator

Mike Allbright, EA

Michael Allbright likes to fight the IRS Goliath.  And he wins more often than not.

As an Enrolled Agent* practicing before the IRS, Mike has spent the last decade helping small business owners and licensed professionals resolve their problems with the IRS on the best possible terms, and his list of references are glowing.  In fact, during his time with TSG where he received much of his training, Mike was the only employee in company history to be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding customer service to a tax client, an award he says is one of the highest compliments for relationship management he’s ever received.

In 2014 Mike left TSG as Business Development and Account Management and formed Tax Clean Up INC and, in his own words: “We have assembled and continue to seek out thought leaders and top notch practitioners to add to our team of the very best tax practitioners of our time; Our associates and members each specializing in a separate slice of tax controversy. No matter the need; IRS tax filings, IRS tax debt resolution, State Tax Issues, Enforced Collections, examination, or Appeals…..We keep the finest group of practitioners at the ready; ensured by the fact that we’re always on the lookout for top talent to add to our team.”

In addition to tax assistance, Tax Clean Up is also a service provider for Tax Planning, Bookkeeping, Advisory, and Fractional CFO services which provides Chief Financial Officer services to small business that cannot afford a full-time CFO. It’s a program that allows highly qualified financial professionals to target their services and reduce their employer’s costs.

Prior to becoming an Enrolled Agent, Mike’s career was primarily centered around secondary market technology sales – both as an employee and as a small business owner.  He also spent time as a through freight railroad conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad, as well as a short stint as an over the road truck driver.

Mike resides in Dallas, TX and is a proud father of two girls. Mike is a fan and avid consumer of such material by thought leaders such as Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Jeffrey Gitomer, M. Scott Peck, Gary Chapman and many others. He enjoys movies, meditation, volunteering his time in and being involved in local community fellowships devoted to helping and serving others in the community.

Early on in Mike’s career as a small business owner, he found himself in a difficult tax situation and facing the IRS alone, not knowing where to turn. Mike was very fortunate to already know someone who specialized in handling difficult IRS tax problems, and was able to successfully have his tax matter settled for less than the full amount. That “someone” (Jay Schlichting) later became Mike’s mentor, and spent years teaching Mike how to help others doing the very thing that quite literally saved his life.

So if you’re facing a difficult tax matter, remember, Mike has intimate knowledge of what you are going through and will help you to achieve the best possible result for your tax matter.

*Enrolled Agents (EAs) are America’s Tax Experts. EAs are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.