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Posts by Brian Wood


Electrical Contractor, Texas $1.7M IRS debt SETTLED for $65k

Business Employment Payroll Tax and Alter-Ego Liens – $1.7 Million 941 Payroll Tax IRS Debt Settled for $65k

This electrical service contractor serviced the schools in a major Texas city. It was a great business until the city retroactively changed the code after a large chunk of work was completed. They were unable to absorb the substantial costs of the changes required. As a result, they were unable to pay their payroll taxes and this started a snowball effect. Before they knew it, the IRS was crawling all over them, they had hired help from other “tax professionals” but the problems just got worse. After several rounds with the IRS they finally found the Tax Clean Up team, and we went to work. We rebuilt everything from scratch, prepared and fought and appealed. We were able to get this done quickly enough to save them from having this reduced to a judgement. Final Result: $1.7M tax debt, settled for $65k.

Electrical Contractor, Texas

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Contractor, Frisco, TX – $894K IRS Debt SETTLED for $160K

A Design Contractor had gone many rounds with IRS debt in the past, trying to handle himself, and hiring various companies to handle his case for him over the years. All to no avail. A Revenue Officer had already begun seizing money and receivables and was threatening an injunction which would prevent him from conducting business in the future. He engaged Tax Clean Up to assist. We snapped into action, contacted the Revenue Officer and got some time to work. We fought hard to help him and the end result was an $894k personal and business tax debt settled for $160k. And his business was saved.

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Nurse, Dallas, TX – Lien EXPUNGED

Tax Clean Up had a lien expunged successfully for this Dallas, TX Nurse. She had gone through tough times several years back, and took some money from her retirement accounts triggering a tax debt. Unfortunately, she had not filed returns in several years and was scared to start filing.

In the last year or two, things began to turn around financially for her and she was working towards getting her credit repaired. She was referred to us and hired Tax Clean Up to help. We sprang into action, prepared and filed missing returns, and within a week we had the old lien released, and then had it withdrawn in under a month. She has since bought a house and remains a happy client.

-J. J. – Dallas, TX

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Real Estate Agent, North Texas – IRS Backed Off

Personal Income Tax – $250,000 owed, the IRS about to seize assets. We told the IRS “Back Off!”.

A Real Estate Agent had not filed returns since 2007 because of the economic downturn and the housing market bubble. The IRS had filed several returns against him with no expenses and made assessments against him in excess of $250,000. They even sent an IRS Field Collection Officer to his home threatening to seize his assets and bank accounts and garnish his wages.

He hired Tax Clean Up to help. We worked quickly to bring his taxes current and correct the delinquent tax filings. We also worked out an agreement with the IRS Revenue Officer to leave him alone. We’re currently considering an Offer in Compromise to settle this case with finality.

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Young Widow – $85K IRS Tax Bill SETTLED for $7K

A young widow and new mother filed her return claiming a $4000 refund, but instead received an IRS Tax Bill. The IRS said she left off her decedent husband’s business income, and as a result, IRS claimed she owed $85,000 and was threatening to garnish her wages at her new job.

She came to Tax Clean Up for help – We stopped the IRS from taking her paycheck and with very few records we worked to recreate the case and resolve this case for only $7,000 and set up a very affordable repayment agreement. Disaster averted.

Dallas, Tx

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Individual Small Business Owner $325K Tax Debt Reduced to $25K

File Under: Individual income tax debt reduced, small business

A small business owner came to us by referral after being represented in an audit by another representative. The previous exam resulted in owing $325k. The client came to us after having paid a substantial sum to the previous representative, and we got the amount reduced to $25k thru audit appeals, then set them up on an affordable payment agreement. Our total fee was 1/3 the amount paid to the previous representative.

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Computer Staffing Payroll Tax Penalties – $177K ABATED

Business/Payroll Tax Client -$177,000 in payroll tax penalties and interest ABATED!

A Computer/IT Staffing Company experienced a severe decrease in business while retaining 40 idle staff members. They fell behind on payroll deposits and filings for a period of time until business improved. The IRS hit them with large penalties and interest. Tax Clean Up was able to get $177,000 in penalties and interest on penalties ABATED.

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