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Make Your Tax Guy Your Best Friend

When you hear about taxes and accountants,

The imagine that comes to mind
Is someone who sits behind a computer all day
And crunches some numbers.

You also picture someone like Mr. Scrooge,
Who is just trying to squeeze every dollar from you
So they can pay their taxes too. (ironic right?)

Not every tax person is like that
And I want to share with you a key difference
To look out for when you are in search
Of tax or any financial assistance.

There are 2 types of accountants:

Reactive and Proactive Accountants

A reactive agent is one who waits for you
To send your financial information over
And then starts to prepare your taxes.

A proactive agent asks you to visit the office
With a dedicated time and asks a million
Annoying questions about your life
And your financial situation.

That’s the guy you want. 🙂

To truly save money on your taxes,
You want someone who is proactive.

A proactive agent recognizes that the best way
To cut out tax bills is to plan ahead.
(Think battle strategy on how you can win)

This agent is not really wanting to see you in April
To talk about last year’s taxes.
Instead, they would want to see every January
To have in-depth discussion about your finances,
Your upcoming changes you might see this year,
Any major changes in your life,
And your plans for the future.
(… really knows your situation)

Once they have this information you shared with them,
They can give you a definitive action plan
With the necessary steps to cut down your tax bills.
They point you in the right direction
With a detailed map of the route you should take.

Despite what you may have heard,
Accountants are normal humans
Just like you and I. (…mindblown)
If you don’t make any effort to get your tax situation sorted out,
They probably won’t give any effort either.

If you took the time and scheduled an appointment,
Discussed your tax situation with a professional
And then a detailed plan is given to you to get it fixed…

Who would be to blame?

The biggest part is to avoid procrastination.

These accountants can save you hundreds, thousands,
Tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands, of dollars.
Make sure to do your part and follow the plan. 😉

So… I know you’re asking yourself…

“How do I find this guy who can me a butt load of money?”

You can search online for ‘local tax consultants’,
Ask a family member,
Ask a friend if there know anyone,
Or even at local networking event.

Honestly, you won’t know until you start talking with people.

When you meet one…
You need to ask them the steps
they will take to handle your taxes.

If they don’t mention a review on your finances
For the purpose of not making any recommendations,
You might want to move on to the next candidate.

Remember, you want someone who is looking out for your wallet too.

Your Tax Clean Up Guy Out

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The “I need help with my taxes” guide

Have you tried to file your own taxes and it just never worked out?

Organizing your taxes can is like doing the dishes…
You know that they need to get done,
But for some reason you let them stack up

And now you have a sink full of dishes.

Nobody wants a sink full of dirty dishes.

But it must get done.

If you get easily distracted when doing your taxes,
Check out my tax guide here.

What I want to share with you today

Is the different types of professional assistance

You can get for your taxes.

Is it ok that I share that with you?

Great! 🙂

You will definitely want someone who is knowledgeable,

An expert with tax specializations

And most importantly looking out for your best in your budget

Let’s talk about the various types of professional you can seek out.

  • Tax Preparer

Tax preparers are persons that are highly trained and educated. They have no authority to represent clients before the IRS (except regarding returns they prepared and filed). This is like knowing a really good car mechanic that won’t overcharge you for just looking at your car.

  • Enrolled Agents

Compared to tax preparers, an enrolled agent can show you your taxes with an assessment. These are your advanced tax professionals. Enrolled agents are subject to a suitability check and must pass a three-part Special Enrollment Examination, which is a comprehensive exam that requires them to demonstrate proficiency in federal tax planning, individual and business tax return preparation, and representation. They must complete 72 hours of continuing education every 3 years

Enrolled Agents are like personal trainers, they will stick with you the whole way to get the results you want.

  • Certified Public Accountants

Licensed by state boards of accountancy, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories. Certified public accountants have passed the Uniform CPA Examination. They have completed a study in accounting at a college or university and also met experience and good character requirements established by their respective boards of accountancy.

CPA’s not only can help prepare your taxes, but also help you save on taxes. They can be a little pricey at times, but a good one can help you understand the in’s and out’s of the tax system legally.

And, now you’re probably wondering…

“What about attorney’s?”


Attorney’s are definitely an important part of the process, but they aren’t ALWAYS necessary.

There’s two major cases in which you should seek out an attorney:

  1. If you’re seeking legal action against the IRS.
  2. If your case would be classified as a criminal case

Most importantly…

Find what’s best in your budget because you need something that won’t break the purse strings, but will also get back on track to achieve the financial goals that you want.

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Tax Guide For The Easily Distracted

To be simple…

No one likes doing their taxes

So why do so many Americans put off doing their taxes until April?

Organization and Procrastination

“It’s that time of the year, AGAIN?”

Use this simple process, and you will be ready for Uncle Sam.

There’s still 2 months until you have to file your U.S. tax forms,

But that’s exactly why now is a good time to file.

“I still have some time.”

“I’m not sure if I’ll even get a refund.”

Most adults would rather watch paint dry, then file their taxes.

Here’s some tips on how to make…

Taxes less taxing (pun intended)

  1. Set up a folder (red, black, blue) or a box (empty cardboard box) Where your tax forms go (receipts, invoices, 1099s, W-2,…)
  2. Find a buddyNOT saying you should share all of your tax information with everyone that you know, but you have friends that have to get their taxes prepared too. Find out what helps them sort their taxes and maybe send a referral or pick up some other tips
  3. Find a Pro – You know that box or folder that you continuously put receipts, statements and invoices in… you can bring that box to a professional and they will help you with your needs. If the IRS is calling or sending you mail, seek a professional.
  4. File Online – There are many places that you file online, Turbotax being the most popular of the online platforms. It’s easy to use and you quite literally just input your numbers from all your tax documents.

Even though this seems really simple, there are still a lot of people out there who don’t file their taxes and end up owing thousands of dollars.

Small as it may seem, but having a system where you put all your forms and documents in for tax purposes can really save you on time.

Time that can easily be gained back by having a box for your receipts.

I bet that you didn’t know that you have a friend that knows a friend of a friend that is in the tax business. Someone who could be in your same situation is getting help and you simply didn’t ask for help.

Seeking a professional is always the best type of advice you can receive. A professional is exactly that; someone who has spent an extraordinary amount of time to learn about this and made a living out of it. (100% true)

Hope that these tips are helpful….

They certainly were when I first started down this path.

Have problems with the IRS because of not filing?

Check out my

5 Secrets that the IRS doesn’t want you know if you’re a non-filer

If I could look at your tax file,
Without the IRS looking back.

Would you hire me?

Your Tax Clean Up Guy

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Electrical Contractor, Texas $1.7M IRS debt SETTLED for $65k

Business Employment Payroll Tax and Alter-Ego Liens – $1.7 Million 941 Payroll Tax IRS Debt Settled for $65k

This electrical service contractor serviced the schools in a major Texas city. It was a great business until the city retroactively changed the code after a large chunk of work was completed. They were unable to absorb the substantial costs of the changes required. As a result, they were unable to pay their payroll taxes and this started a snowball effect. Before they knew it, the IRS was crawling all over them, they had hired help from other “tax professionals” but the problems just got worse. After several rounds with the IRS they finally found the Tax Clean Up team, and we went to work. We rebuilt everything from scratch, prepared and fought and appealed. We were able to get this done quickly enough to save them from having this reduced to a judgement. Final Result: $1.7M tax debt, settled for $65k.

Electrical Contractor, Texas

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Contractor, Frisco, TX – $894K IRS Debt SETTLED for $160K

A Design Contractor had gone many rounds with IRS debt in the past, trying to handle himself, and hiring various companies to handle his case for him over the years. All to no avail. A Revenue Officer had already begun seizing money and receivables and was threatening an injunction which would prevent him from conducting business in the future. He engaged Tax Clean Up to assist. We snapped into action, contacted the Revenue Officer and got some time to work. We fought hard to help him and the end result was an $894k personal and business tax debt settled for $160k. And his business was saved.

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Nurse, Dallas, TX – Lien EXPUNGED

Tax Clean Up had a lien expunged successfully for this Dallas, TX Nurse. She had gone through tough times several years back, and took some money from her retirement accounts triggering a tax debt. Unfortunately, she had not filed returns in several years and was scared to start filing.

In the last year or two, things began to turn around financially for her and she was working towards getting her credit repaired. She was referred to us and hired Tax Clean Up to help. We sprang into action, prepared and filed missing returns, and within a week we had the old lien released, and then had it withdrawn in under a month. She has since bought a house and remains a happy client.

-J. J. – Dallas, TX

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Real Estate Agent, North Texas – IRS Backed Off

Personal Income Tax – $250,000 owed, the IRS about to seize assets. We told the IRS “Back Off!”.

A Real Estate Agent had not filed returns since 2007 because of the economic downturn and the housing market bubble. The IRS had filed several returns against him with no expenses and made assessments against him in excess of $250,000. They even sent an IRS Field Collection Officer to his home threatening to seize his assets and bank accounts and garnish his wages.

He hired Tax Clean Up to help. We worked quickly to bring his taxes current and correct the delinquent tax filings. We also worked out an agreement with the IRS Revenue Officer to leave him alone. We’re currently considering an Offer in Compromise to settle this case with finality.

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