The Shadow of the Giant

The greatest video game, a masterpiece of perpetuity as well as peoples, which only gets even more mind-blowing with time. The gameplay contains only battles with managers, which however still need to be located one way or another in the rather vast expanses of the game. video game globe. The combat itself is all about platforming, racing, and finding vulnerability. The measurements of some bosses are absolutely gigantic, and you also have to really climb them long and meticulously to put the sword in the Achilles. ‘ heel. And besides, the game has a haunting atmosphere of a doomed world, and the enchanting songs will permanently remain in your memory.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3

Board game fantastic with many unique gameplay elements. In addition to conventional JRPG fights with monsters as well as managers, in Personality 3 the player will definitely have to participate in; the institution, passing exams, and also finding out how to invest free time at night – all this will affect the attributes of the character. Here is the initial card system with summoned creatures that can be crossed and also because of that get new animals. Personality 4 was also released on the PlayStation 2, which turned out to be even better than its predecessor. However, character 3 has a significant advantage over the fourth installment: loyal fans have assimilated it perfectly. to Russian. On our you can find an emulator that can support your preferred console games and then download compatible ROM games.

Quiet hill 2

Dark horror, considered one of the best style agents of all time. The story below is a true work of art, and the visual removal of a darkened town and a bunch of disgusting monsters is awe-inspiring. ; this day. Silent Hill 2 is a timeless classic that every fan of survival horror (and not only) should touch. Yes, as well as in the game there is up to six distinctly different endings, which rely on the actions of the personality; throughout the stream.

Strong Metal Gear 3: Snake Eater

Flawless stealth action from Hideo Kojima, the founder of the Metal Gear collection. The events will certainly send the player to the cold war, and the action itself will certainly take place in thick forests, including all kinds of risks. The gameplay is really varied; : invisible movements, survival, fights with common enemies, remarkable boss fights and, of course, a powerful story, coupled with cinematic cutscenes. Snake Eater has been qualified most effective PlayStation 2 video game of 2004 by many magazines.

God of Battle II

The second part of the journeys of the tireless Kratos is not without reason considered among the best and the most beautiful loans of the PlayStation 2. This slasher comes to extract all the graphics juice from the console. And also in addition to a terrific image, the video game offers adrenaline-filled gameplay and also a large number of fights with various managers from ancient Greek folklore.