“I was trying to buy a house…but I owed $1000’s in back-taxes. I don’t think I would be where I am without Mike.”

“The IRS made an error of 1 decimal point, which resulted in $1000’s in unowed taxes on my bill…”

Several years ago, I had worked for a particular company and made a small income…

But, the IRS claimed that I had made MORE income than I reported, even though that was incorrect.

The difference in ONE decimal point resulted in $1000’s owed in unpaid taxes according to the IRS files.

This caused me A LOT of issues in many years when filing, and I had simply just left it unresolved.

In the past, (before Tax Clean Up) I had tried to resolved the issue.


I was unable make any progress.

I was scared, worried, and unsure of the future because I was unable to figure out a good plan to tackle this large tax bill hanging over me.

When I reached out to Mike, he responded quickly, professional, and made the process very simple for me.

Tax Clean Up proved that I did not owe the money that the IRS claimed I did.

I would recommend anyone to Tax Clean Up that is unsure of the future because they afraid of the past.